My name is HADESSAH. Welcome to my blog! I am extremely excited to have this opportunity to grow  my media and design base.

  This is going to be my outlet to get things off my chest and to talk about the issues and ideas that I have out in the open.

  I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer by trade. So I have a link to my photography blog if you are interested in seeing my current projects and fun stuff.

  I am a bit of a gamer as well. I used to be more hardcore... but I took a break for 6 months and now know how to balance game world with reality better now. Although I am thinking about streaming again! So please stay tuned!

  When it comes to travel and language. I am currently learning Korean and am thinking about moving to Korea to teach TESL. So follow me on my journey of language learning and hopefully mastering in the next year!

  I will add to this page once I know a little more about what I am doing! 

Thank You!

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Stanley Park 10/03/2015